Bethany Hildebrandt is a twenty-five-year-old St. Louis based Music Journalist. She is very passionate about writing and music, especially rock, and will talk your ear off about Greta Van Fleet, The Beatles, The Warning, Palaye Royale, Classic Rock in general, and much more.

Bethany also loves taking photos of her favorite bands and artists as well as other things (instagram) which can be seen on the photography page. As John Denver said, "Photography is a way to communicate a feeling."

"The reason I created A Way With Words was not only combining my two biggest passions, but also to give people, including myself, a voice. A Way With Words is a positive environment, with no room for negativity. We tell people, "you've got a way with words", because they do. We all do. And whether we're expressing opinions on music, albums, life, etc. we all have a voice. And we all should be allowed to express ourselves without the feeling of being judged or misunderstood. We also want to keep rock music alive. But what exactly does that mean? There are so many different genres of rock. Levels of rock. Decades of rock. We want to ensure that future generations understand where rock came from and let them know how important previous decades of rock are to music. We want them to know there was a time in the world where rock music ruled."

If you have comments, inquires, want to work with Bethany, or just say hi, please do so through the contact page.


Are you a musician looking for more exposure? Got a press release? We would love for you to contact us or email us at awaywithwordsmusicblog@gmail.com Tell us about your music, a short biography, what influenced you to do music and any other information you feel would be helpful. We look forward to considering you.

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