A Way With Words

A Way With Words is a (mostly) rock music blog bringing Music Press Releases, Album Reviews, Band/Artist Recommendations and creating playlists for the right people to enjoy. A Way With Words is also a safe space, where no negativity exists AT ALL. There's so much hate and negativity in the world, and this music blog will NEVER be a place for that. We encourage positive experiences, comments, sharing and are committed to keeping a safe, positive and free environment for all of our readers to enjoy. We mostly talk about Classic Rock: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix. We also talk about Folk from the 60s-70s Woodstock Era: Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Fleetwood Mac, John Denver, The Band. We do, however, also talk about Modern-Day Rock: Greta Van Fleet, Palaye Royale, Badflower, My Chemical Romance, The Warning, etc. The album reviews are full of decades of amazing rock music, whether it's The Beatles' first album, or Greta Van Fleet's latest album. Playlists are usually full of what we're currently listening to: If it's a holiday, a season, or if we just feel like sharing what we're listening to! We're so committed to keeping Rock music alive and ensuring that the future generation is allowed to embrace Rock music, modern and from the past, and we also want to make sure that nobody should ever feel bad or down about liking a certain band/artist that society may not be the most fond of. 

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