Dirty Honey's Debut Album: Review

Dirty Honey released their debut album Friday, April 23, 2021 and we already can't get enough of it.

But who is Dirty Honey?? Consisting of four members - Justin Smolian on bass, Corey Coverstone on drums, John Notto wailin' on guitar, and that killer vocalist Marc LaBelle. Straight out of Los Angeles, Dirty Honey offers "New Fashioned Rock N Roll", as quoted by Notto, showing a peek at what they're all about when their debut EP dropped in 2019 with hits such as When I'm Gone, Rolling 7's and more. Moving on to bigger, better, and sounding even greater, Dirty Honey's Self-Titled Album is here.

California Dreamin' - The opening track to this eight-song album is a perfect introduction to what you're getting yourself into and really knows how to pull you in. This song gives me the perfect visual to be listening to this song, driving down the streets of Hollywood, Beverly Hills, etc. with palm trees surrounding the area, this song blaring and feeling the amazing California air. Oh, and maybe you could wave to Dirty Honey as you drive past them.

The Wire - The repetitive guitar riff at the very beginning of this second track drew me in instantly. The way Marc sings the lyrics - I'm a fool for you- is very relatable. The music in this just so rockin' you can't help but keep movin' and dancing throughout the entire song. Everything is so there - guitar, bassline, drums, vocals. And the chorus is where the song really takes off.

Tied Up - Possibly my current fave so far on this album, the main guitar riff is a familiar sound but catchy, the drumbeat is on point, then Marc starts singing and you feel like you're at a Dirty Honey show. When the chorus hits, everyone's singing. "Now I'm tied/I love the way you move/So tied up/I love the way you touch me/I don't want to know the truth/I'm tied up/I love the way you touch me". Tied Up proves this is the exact type of Rock N Roll people are looking for.

Take My Hand - Already halfway through the album, Take My Hand speaks of frustration - "No time to change the mistakes you made/And if I have to carry your weight/It's the price I have to pay" is the beginning of the song. Musically, everyone and everything is so in sync. The guitar and bass are so perfectly in sync, it's almost scary. It's as if the band really comes together as one in this song.

Gypsy - Starting off with the fast-paced drums always pulls me in. This is the perfect song for a road trip, on the plane, running around town, driving in general, running, you name it. The fast pace of this song reminds me of rushing stages at concerts honestly. The chorus goes - "I'm on the road just living like a gypsy."

No Warning - The music in this song is just plain fun. Hell, this entire album is plain fun. The main guitar riff can have you really dancing the night away. You get so lost in the music, your brain just kind of hears the lyrics in the background.

The Morning - When a song starts out with "Oh, what a lovely way to meet you/No, the pleasure's all mine" - you know you're in for a treat. This song is what EVERYONE wants from Rock N Roll - guitars and sex. The lyrics - I've got the key to your ignition/But I'm eating out of the palm of your hand" - is really what everyone wants to hear.

Another Last Time - Just the beginning of this last track was already touching my heart. They threw the damn keyboard in there (which I love so much) and is the perfect sound to end this wonderful album. The opening lyrics are - "She burns like a whiskey/She cries like rain" - yes, relatable. Thanks for adding me in there. Once we reach the chorus, you may as well be crying. This song sounds like one of those songs you sing when you're leaving the bar, when you leave a concert, when you leave a place you love, etc. I think this song is definitely the best on the album, possibly even Dirty Honey's best song yet for me since it hits really close to home. The chorus is where it really hits - "Another last time, Another last time/One more go around and we say goodbye". The perfect end to an album. Thank you, Dirty Honey. You can follow Dirty Honey on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. And you can listen to their new album here





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