Mental Health Check

We've all been there... Those times when there are unexpected overwhelming weeks, days, etc. Mine happened last week. It was tough. I'm exhausted from it. My eyes look terrible. But I got through it. The songs listed below are from a playlist called "Mental Health Check", which are songs to get us through the day, week, life in general. These are the songs that pick us up every time we're down.

#1 In My Blood - Shawn Mendes: Shawn Mendes was coming to town and I was able to buy tickets a year in advance. So after I bought those tickets, I started digging deeper into his albums. "In My Blood" came out in 2018, which was the year I bought the tickets, and then the concert was the next year. When I first heard the song, I'd never heard something so relatable. When I heard it live, I have no idea how I was able to hold the tears in. This song is most likely my number one "don't give up" song.

#2 Heat Above - Greta Van Fleet: If you're not aware by now, I'm very obsessed with this song (and band). What's hilarious is last year, probably the entire summer, I kept listening to the older version of this song from 2016/2017 on YouTube over and over again. I couldn't stop listening to it, I just loved it for some reason. And then to hear an album version finally come out months later was just incredible. But this is such an uplifting song and I must listen to it every day of my life.

#3 Intervention - Arcade Fire: This isn't really the most positive song, but it's definitely serious and real. You can tell by the title what it's about. But it's such a beautiful and powerful song that it's hard not to listen to. And I think that when I listen to this when I'm not in the best mood, it still helps me because it's more relatable then.

#4 Everything Will Be Okay - William Hinson: It's kinda funny that I would add this song because there's literally no lyrics in it, however, just the music and sounds in it are actually really calming. The title is calming. This is not only the title track of William Hinson's album, but it's also the beginning of the album. This song is almost a form of meditation. It's great.

#5 The New Day - Greta Van Fleet: Before there was Heat Above, there was The New Day. This song is track number seven on Greta Van Fleet's debut album, Anthem Of The Peaceful Army. The first time I heard this song I thought it was the most beautiful and uplifting song. The lyrics, "You're growing up I'll watch you bloom" have really stuck with me these past couple of years for some reason.

#6 The End (Stars Always Seem To Fade) - The Warning: This song has made me cry probably an embarrassing amount of times, but if music can't make you emotional like that every once in a while, is it even good? I personally LOVE when I get emotional about songs. I feel that this is one of many songs I consider to have a mental connection with for some reason.





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