New Music Monday

Can't promise we'll be doing this every single Monday, but we're doing it this Monday. Here's a list of songs we've discovered lately or have been released lately.

Dream - Venus In Noise: The two-piece noise band met at a concert in East London in 2019. They met again at the come-back show of Bikini Kill who they both love and thought they would be perfect in a band since they both shared influences. Due to the pandemic, Pablo has been stuck in Spain and recordings have not been easy, forcing the duo to work remotely together to release their debut single, Dream. Their names are Aphrodite Goulioumi and Pablo Casadey. This duo produces complete psychedellic lo-fi rock and it's great to hear. The main riff, which plays throughout the entire song, can easily get stuck in your head even after just one time of hearing it. This is the duo's debut single.

Untitled - Mini Mart: Mini Mart is made up of three guys from Rialto (a small town in Southern California) Jason on guitar, Mike on drums and vocals, and Jose on bass and vocals. Currently influenced by New York Hardcore Rock such as Code Orange and Turnstile, as well as Bristol post-punk like Idles, Anderson Pak and Metallica. Their song Untitled is such a fast-paced song with a message. As if someone is yelling out for something. It's easy to get lost in the music with this one. And they have another single dropping soon that sounds great, so stay tuned for that.

Mother Rebel - Joyous Wolf: You probably recognize this band by now, we've featured them recently and this is our favorite song by them. The guitar riff in the chorus is what gets me every time, it's something to do with that slide.

California Dreamin' - Dirty Honey: With their debut album on the way, Dirty Honey dropped "California Dreamin'" recently and it sounds like a song you'd want to drive down the street in LA to. The sun shining, car top down, a sea of palm trees. It's the perfect summer song.

F*ck The World - Badflower: We talked about this last week, so you know how we feel.

Heat Above - Greta Van Fleet: Obviously, we've talked about this so much already, it's how I wake up everyday, this might be my favorite GVF song, but it's a tough call. This song is just so inspiring, beautiful and uplifting and I'm so excited for the band's new album, The Battle At Garden's Gate on April 16.





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