Poetry For The Soul

Updated: Aug 17, 2020


It’s all the world is full of.

It’s all men are full of.

I’m beginning to be filled with lust.

How did I end up this way?

Because I was taught to be that way.

When you go from being the shy girl

To the hot girl in a matter of years.

It happens. People start to use you.

Guys think I’m so easy.

They think I’ll do whatever they say.

I’ll sink down to a stupid girl level.

And take off my clothes for them.

Do thing for them.

Give them exactly what they want.

I’m lustful and I feel like I always have been.

It’s all so much fun and crazy and wild.

Until someone gets hurt.

And it’s usually me who gets hurt.

We have sex multiple times.

I fall in love and you never do.

Then you find a new girl to mess around with.

And I’m left drowning in my sorrows.

Always wondering where I went wrong.

It’s a never ending cycle.

And my heart can only take so much of it.

“Kiss a lot of frogs and you’ll find your prince”

I’ve kissed way too many damn frogs.

They all taste disgusting.

So why keep kissing if there’s no guarantee?

Why have hope when I only get my heart broken?

I just want someone to stay.

Make me realize I shouldn’t give up.

Make me see that love is real

And a beautiful thing.

To quote Sam Smith,

“I know you’re out there, we’re meant to be

So keep your head up, and make it to me.”

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