Single Review - The Warning's "Choke"

The trio from Monterrey, Mexico, The Warning makes a dynamic comeback with new single, Choke. Daniella Villarreal (21, lead guitar and vocals), Paulina Villarreal (19, drums and vocals) and Alejandra Villarreal (16, bass and vocals) all make up the killer rock band, The Warning.

Starting off with a cover of Metallica's "Enter Sandman" on YouTube in 2014, which currently has 22.5 M views, The Warning have been evolving into their best selves. Debuting with Escape The Mind (2015), the trio since then has had two full-length LPs XXI Century Blood (2017) and Queen Of The Murder Scene (2018, read our review), and other singles as well. The band caught the attention of Jason Flom (CEO/Founder of Lava/Republic Records) when he saw them perform in New York City. On August 12, 2020, The Warning announced they had officially signed to Lava and Choke is their first released single on the label.

To me, and all my conceptual-ness in my mind, the beginning of Choke sounds like it could be extending off of Queen Of The Murder Scene. Dany starts off the songs with lyrics, "I won't say goodbye/In the end, it won't matter at all/I won't survive the fall". I may listen to too many concept albums and watch The Masked Singer too much, but the clues my mind picked up on are "I won't say goodbye", which could mean the Queen (from QOTMS) could still be alive, and also "In the end", which tied my mind to the very last track on QOTMS which is of course titled, The End (Stars Always Seem To Fade). Once we're past that, we hear a roar of guitars and beats and drums and bass and it's that unique Warning sound that we all know and love so much. The chorus goes, "Just let me drown/Let me drown/Let me dive in, sink in deeper/Choke me 'till I drown/Let me drown". So that could be something related to QOTMS, or it could have nothing to do with that. That's the fun of it all.

This song, like most of The Warning's songs, is filled with such deep emotion. I've been re-watching Cobra Kai recently and the guitar in this song sounds like a lot of the type of songs they play on that show. I think it should be featured in season four of Cobra Kai (Netflix, please hit up The Warning). The lyrics of this song are so raw, so real, so relatable. I think there are not only a lot of fans of The Warning that can relate to this song but there's a ton of people who don't know about The Warning yet that could definitely relate to this song as well. And with the help of the band being on Lava, it could send The Warning straight to the top to let the world know they have been warned.

Obviously, this is only the first single from The Warning's third project, but I feel that this is a fantastic introduction to their new album. And definitely, a perfect introduction to The Warning if you're just hearing them for the first time. I've been listening to The Warning for about nine months now (their label is actually how I found out about them) and I've never turned back. Every time I listen to this band and how powerful three young women are, it inspires me as a woman that I can do anything, and if I feel that way, I know tons of other women and other people will as well. What do YOU think of Choke? How excited are YOU for new music from The Warning? Let us know below!

You can listen to Choke on all streaming platforms and you can keep up with The Warning on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Patreon.





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